Training Package

There is no such thing as a typical training routine as every rider/horse combination has different needs. Age, temperament, discipline and soundness of each individual horse will dictate how much time in training they will receive. Every horse has a different level of need of professional training. Suffice it to say, your horse will receive the proper amount of training with one of our trainers to ensure optimum performance in the show ring. Our training package includes full board, horse care and one 30-minute lesson each week on your show horse.

Sales & Purchases

There are many reasons why you should enlist the help of a qualified professional when   it’s time for you to select and purchase a horse of your own. Our trainers are highly skilled at assessing a horse’s soundness, temperament and ability to match a rider’s skill level.  Many hours of online research, networking, phone calls and farm visits go into an average purchase. For this reason, industry standard is a 10% commission of the purchase price for both buying and selling horses.

Leasing Package

Leasing a horse is an excellent way to test out horse ownership without the commitment or initial investment of purchasing a horse. The lease base fee will vary in conjunction with the value of the horse being leased. Other expenses would include; monthly training and boarding package (which includes one private lesson a week), farrier and veterinary expenses.  If leasing a horse is of interest to you, contact us for more information!